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Tiana LaPointe


Sicangu Lakota, Indigenous Documentary Filmmaker
Tiana LaPointe, Sicangu Lakota, is an Indigenous Media Artist. Since 2016, she has captured the growing story of Mni Ki Wakan, Indigenous Peoples, and youth who have invested their energy and efforts to it.

Production of documentary-shorts and featured content continues to illuminate the broader regions of the global indigenous water movement.

Tiana's work is critical to telling a comprehensive story on indigenous water governance. Working alongside the Mni Ki Wakan team, she has traveled to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues to raise concerns over water to the highest level.

Partnering with other Indigenous Media Artists at multiple levels, Tiana continues to involve indigenous youth from diverse regions in voicing water, leading media teams, international film screening dedicated to water, training indigenous youth on media arts and water advocacy, among other diverse approaches.

As a documentary filmmaker, Tiana has told the stories of Indigenous Peoples and youth who attend the Mni Ki Wakan: World Indigenous Peoples' Decade of Water each year, exhibiting their commitment to the future of water. Showing the dynamic connections between human rights, Indigenous Knowledge, communities, and water that are crucial to its sustainability now and into the future.