Mni Ki Wakan Report

We believe that Indigenous water rights and water justice will be achieved by mobilizing Indigenous Peoples, youth, and elders to proactively innovate, boldly articulating the rich soveriengty of Indigenous worldviews, wisdom, and transformative visions trhough advocacy, education, and alliances that inform policy, governance, sustainability, and Indigenous communities. As Indigenous Peoples, we believe water is sacred gift that occupies a central relationship to all life and is essential to our existence.

Indigenous Water Research Directory

This literature list was compiled in partnership with the Wilder Foundation, Indigenous Youth Research & Development Center, and Indigenous researcher and Mni Ki Wakan team. Water resources are works by other authors focusing on the interdisciplinary field of Indigenous water governance, justice, and education.

This is a resource designed to serve and increase the capacity of Indigenous Peoples, youth, Indigenous organizations, water advocates, allies, and diverse communities in supporting Indigenous water rights.