Indigenous Water Justice

Start time 2021-08-19
Finished Time 2021-08-19
Address Online
Indigenous water justice efforts, advocacy, water protectors, and movements across the world are mobilizing to secure Indigenous human right to water, water rights, and treaty rights. Indigenous movements and initiatives work to go beyond water colonialism by strengthening self-determination, protection of Indigenous water ways, and voicing water. For many, Indigenous water justice is critical to cultural survival.
This includes responding to transboundary water issues, and increasing Indigenous representations on fresh water, and oceanic regions. Such movements benefit the broader world through water and ecological restoration as global crisis arise.
Yet, at the core of Indigenous Water Justice is the fulfillment of Indigenous customary law, a way of being which has existed prior to colonialism. These and other related areas will be some of the elements of this session. Join us as Indigenous Peoples and youth briefly touch on this important topic.