Session proposals for the 3rd Mni Ki Wakan: World Indigenous Peoples Decade of Water Summit, August 13-15, must be centered on water, participatory, provide tools, knowledge, education, opportunities for network building and critical connections between participants.

Mni Ki Wakan is unable to provide travel. Registration fees are waived for Session facilitators. Facilitators can enjoy conference meals and the summit. Lodging is provided to session facilitators.

If your session proposal is approved, you will receive a notification.

Session Proposal Criteria:

  • 2 hour session on 1 of the summit days.
  • Equips participants with tools and knowledge.
  • Respectful of Indigenous peoples and cultural worldviews.
  • Projectors provided.
  • Projector screen available.
  • Facilitators must enable time for participants to network on themes to participatory activities.
  • Evaluations provided to facilitators to conduct at the end of session.
  • Round tabling and seating provided.