Group Registration


  • consist of 3 or more members. Groups must have a passion to co-create transformation through upstream thinking, interactive dialogue, collaboration, and building critical connections for innovation.

Group Leader

  • The group leader is responsible for completing online registration for their group. Group Leaders are responsible for providing a roster of group members as soon as possible which includes: names, ages, gender.


  • Please send us your group’s flight arrival times and departures once you have scheduled them to, and call (612)442-5399.
  • We encourage groups to arrive on Monday, the 12th of August, in order to be ready for day 1 on August 13th of Mni Ki Wakan.


  • If you are interested in our lodging options of rooms and camping at reduced cost, please contact us at, and (612)442-5399.

Registration Deadlines and Fees

  • $60 per group member. Groups consist of 3 or more members.

Group Registration

Groups consist of 4 or more members.
  • Please attach a group roster of names, ages, and gender.
  • Groups consist of 3 or more members.
    Check box if interested to reserve a room at Bear Butte Lodge at reduced cost, or camp, limited tents available. We will contact you to arrange room reservation.
  • $0.00