Group Registration


  • consist of 5 or more members. Youth must be 13 years of age or older, be accompanied by a chaperone (s). Groups representing an organization, community, council, youth council, or other, must have a passion to co-create transformation through upstream thinking.

Group Leader:

  • The group leader is responsible for completing online registration for their group prior to the Early Bird and Regular Registration deadlines provided below. Late Registration will be subject to space availability. Late registrants are required or email before making fight arrangements. Group Leaders are responsible for providing a roster of group members as soon as possible which includes: names, ages, gender.

Registration Deadlines and Fees

Early Bird Registration-February 1st through April 31st:

  • Individual: 100
  • Group (5 members): 400
  • Sponsorship Ticket 700

Regular Registration-May 1st through June 31st:

  • Individual: 125
  • Group (5 members): 525
  • Sponsorship Ticket: 700

Late Registration-July 1st through August 1st:

  • Individual: 150
  • Group (5 members): 650
  • Sponsorship Ticket: 700