2017 Mni Ki Wakan featured in International Cultural Survival Magazine:

“Water is life. And our oceans are precious sources of that life. Indigenous Peoples have been sounding the alarm for decades, warning the world that a shift needs to happen towards a more sustainable and equitable future. Indigenous leaders speak on what is being done and the path forward to protect the world’s oceans.” Read more about how “Mni Ki Wakan Water Summit Builds A Movement”


Mni Ki Wakan: Four Sacred Directions Water Walk featured in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, Star Tribune:

People gathered for a prayer session, led by LeMoine LePointe and his sons Thorne LaPointe and Wakinyan LaPointe, on the south side of White Earth Lake (Lake Calhoun) for the second annual Mde Maka Ska: Four Sacred Directions Water Walk in Minneapolis, Minn., on July 31, 2017. This event, which celebrates Lake Bde Make Ska and was the kick off two the two day MNI KI WAKAN.” Read more about the “Mni Ki Wakan: Four Sacred Directions Water Walk”